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Dear Customers,

All e-mail or Facebook messages will be answered within one workday. We don’t take orders through our Instagram profile.

Our bags are produced after every single order, hence we don’t keep them in stock. All bags are being produced in 15 to 21 workdays and/or shipped in 21 workdays. We cannot take urgent orders for those bags which aren’t ready to ship.

We can only produce our bags in the form and size can be found on our webshop. Clicking on the single bags you can reach the sheets of the products with informations about the used matters and the sizes.

Our customers can deal with several payment methods. Buying the bags on our website customers can pay with Paypal account and bank card and Barion  as well. Debit or credit card payment is available at end of the payment procedure only. If you would order the bag by e-mail and take the bag personally, please don’t hit the bag on the website, because the system charges the shipping fee automatically. Avoiding adminstrational tasks these bags should be payed personally and only by cash.

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