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We accept orders in e-mail, in person in our showroom, and in the sales section on our website. Please enter your e-mail address every time you choose a method other than e-mail, since we always send our notification on how you can receive your product(s) in e-mail. Our bags are new-made after placing your order, which normally takes 2-3 weeks. Sometimes this time period may change for reasons not attributable to us. Delivery: The ordered product(s) are delivered with a parcel service provider after the price has been fully paid on the website by bank card, with Barion or PayPal account. The cost of this service is HUF 2,500, and is borne by the customer. The uniform rate payable for delivery in the EU is HUF 3,500. Please contact us for a customised price if you need delivery to a third country. Please always enter your mobile phone number so we can indicate it on the package, thus the courier can contact you more easily. Receipt in person: you can choose the option to receive the product(s) in person, but this requires prepayment by bank card, with PayPal or by bank transfer. Payment on delivery is not possible. Venue of receipt: H-1093 Budapest, Ráday u. 56. Terms and conditions: Customers are required to learn and accept our General Terms and Conditions made available on our website (can be accessed from the bottom menu item). Data processing: Personal data and banking data received via our website are treated confidentially, and are not transmitted to any third party. In the case of payments by bank card, with PayPal or Barion, data processing is performed and transactions are executed by the online platform of PayPal or Barion, which do not require the creation of an account. Our website offers the bank card payment option at the end of the payment process.

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