Here come our brand new T-shirts! We were so eager to have them prepared! WE TRULY LOVE THEM! And of course, we love you all, since we keep making them for you all the time. Just a short story for you… We always order 3-3 pcs per size, and guess what, we run out of exactly those sizes. I mean,…

We are delighted to make bags

Well, we are delighted to make bags, but you all know this. However, we’ve been keep talking about our commitment to clothes for a long time, especially given the fact that Adél’s official occupation is related to clothes. We are also well aware that you’ve been keep asking about them for a while, too. That’s one reason why we prepared…

Energy and determination: The new capsule collection of Delka has arrived, you can say bye to gray everydays

A well-chosen color will make you stand out of the crowd. Delka bag’s first capsule collection this year focuses on that. In the colder months, especially when winter comes – just like the weather- most people get gray. During this period lot of them prefers dark colors, blahck, gray, burgundy or beige, you can hardly see a yellow or a…

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