Yes, they are. It is wonderful that we could create these bags from the leftover materials! Perhaps this is our best and most beautiful project during the 4 years. It was worth it to save these materials for years. What do you think? Each bag is completely vegan and does not contain any animal origin!

Energy and determination: The new capsule collection of Delka has arrived, you can say bye to gray everydays

A well-chosen color will make you stand out of the crowd. Delka bag’s first capsule collection this year focuses on that. In the colder months, especially when winter comes – just like the weather- most people get gray. During this period lot of them prefers dark colors, blahck, gray, burgundy or beige, you can hardly see a yellow or a…

New Concept Store to expand Delka bag

Nowadays people search for bags which can be easily adjusted to everyday looks, are comfortable, practical and last but not least long lasting, as mobility and reliability is the key for today’s modern consumer society. All the products are handmade in Hungary, which supports the designer market’s competitiveness, variety and dynamism. You can experience all of this at La’jos Concept…

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