Here come our brand new T-shirts!
We were so eager to have them prepared!
And of course, we love you all, since we keep making them for you all the time.
Just a short story for you…
We always order 3-3 pcs per size, and guess what, we run out of exactly those sizes. I mean, you know, it’s not a problem at all, we will become better and better, just as was the case with the bags.
Anyway, the texts you send are SO cool… To be honest, we would post them everywhere in the world, but individual requests remain INDIVIDUAL ones!!!
Anyway, we didn’t mention how conscious we are EVEN IN THIS ISSUE, and each T-shirt is made of ORGANIC COTTON! It’s a fantastic material… It’s even more fantastic to wear.
I have to admit machine embroidery is a bit more complex thing than how we imagined. Hundreds of logos are embroidered a year. They had their time to discover it.
But in this case…
Writing the texts so they look really fine on the T-shirts is extremely difficult and time-consuming, just as preventing them from getting faded. BUT the final result is what truly matters! And that is beautiful in every case! 😊
Please welcome them with love! We indicate the sizes for each which are available right away. You can reserve it in comment/PM. If you happen to miss it this way, don’t worry, you can order it in the webshop immediately.
The products ordered in the webshop take 2-3 weeks to be prepared, but we think they are worth waiting for! 😊

Have a nice day!

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