We are delighted to make bags

Well, we are delighted to make bags, but you all know this. However, we’ve been keep talking about our commitment to clothes for a long time, especially given the fact that Adél’s official occupation is related to clothes. We are also well aware that you’ve been keep asking about them for a while, too. That’s one reason why we prepared you the following. Or we could mention our devotion for special things – not to talk about those with a really practical and important message. And if the message is funny, ironic and silly at the same time, and everyone understands it – okay, at least the COOL ones –, then it’s even better. Something that people are currently going through, or have already gone through… So many ideas came up that we could hardly write them down on a piece of paper… And why under the umbrella of delka bag? Naturally and evidently because you can have them on bags as well, AND NOT ONLY ON T-SHIRTS. T-shirts represent a new direction, a new opportunity. But we don’t want to play for time, we show you the graphics that will be put on the T-shirts in a few weeks. Please share with us which one you like the best, and any memories with them are also welcome. If you wish you can place an order for any of the graphics in advance, too! Price of T-shirts: HUF 9,990

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