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 I feel more and more pregnant, and we’ve got a growing number of shopping rounds behind us… I must admit how amazed I am by the fast fashion kid collections, but thanks to Pali, I was SUCCESSFULLY DISSUADED, and finally didn’t buy them in most cases. As you all know, we put a lot efforts in making „a better future” in our life. At least, we keep trying… but you could read about this in our post in which we summarised the year for you. So you can imagine how much a designer can’t resist to dress up her coming baby in as personal/unique clothes as possible. Yes, you could probably guess it by now: I’ve already designed her own bag! Ohh, I know how far we’re from the day when our child will need one. But! The period of body-wearing is approaching extremely fast, since we’re already over the 6th month. So getting back to this fast fashion thing. It would definitely not be true if I told you that I hadn’t bought any… But I bought most of them as used pieces, and I was pretty committed to making my own! „Making…” So I ordered short and long sleeve bodies for my baby, from the same seller I got the T-shirts. For me, finding the baby stuffs was just like a sign from God when I was looking around the T-shirts. All the more because all mothers just keep sayin’ „You’ll dress your baby in nothing but bodies in the first three months”. Going for the right material is key for the T-shirts, too. We wanted to stick to the concept followed with the bags. Though we couldn’t find any recycled material, bio cotton was available. That was all I needed…I ordered them right away. Of course, a nice idea also came along. It was nicknaming. Dear parents, brothers and sisters, godparents, ANYONE! Please confirm (or refute) that you don’t like it when someone (in most cases a „stranger”) calls your child by various tricky names! I’m already worried about this, that’s why I tried to find a name from which it is hard to make a nickname… Anyway, I’m just preparing his first bio cotton body.. With the following words on it handwritten by his mummy: ’Call me just Vencel!’ (sizes available for babies aged 0-18 months, and you can order them in a PM ) Have a very nice day! Please share your thoughts/experiences with us – or whatever you like! Adél

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