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At last, this year we could also enjoy every moment of our Christmas holiday! As you could all notice, we went to relax on 17 December, and tried to push aside the internet and social media for this 3-week time as much as possible. We really needed this. But! We are back to launch this year with full power! First, let us wish you all a happy new year! Second, we would like to share our usual annual lookback with you. 2019 was a year full of work and sacrifice, as usual. But we think we are not alone with this. 😊 Following 4 years, we were brave enough to start a brand new project in January 2019. You all know it: recycling. We strived to bring change not only to our bags, but also into our life, to make a step towards environmental awareness. Of course, we do not want to be hypocrite and push this full eco-awareness thing… We still a have a lot to learn in this field, too. However, we felt/feel responsible to start – or at least to give a try to – some changes in everything around us, for a better future. For example, we centred our wedding around recycling. And if we talk about family issues, let me announce that we are expecting a baby for May! 😊 Naturally, we wish to pass on this attitude and lifestyle to our child. The birth of our little boy has other consequences as well. We sold our apartment in Budapest, and this month we start the construction works. Also in this, as much as we can afford it, we try to build an “eco house”. What a start of the year! 😊 We’re not bored, for sure! After 4 years we also realised that we are nearly 12,000 on this page… and it’s not necessarily our destiny to solely build our brand here. We wanted to use it as a way of communication with our community, and not only operate as a brand and keep posting our bags each day, but rather function as kind of a blog where we dare to share our current feelings/experiences/life events, situations with you. Since we are also human, just as you. We fail, fall and stand up, as everyone does. We realised that you are also open to such posts. Of course, all of them are somehow nicely and smartly connected to our bags… : ) You let us tell you how important we consider the recycling project, and to reveal every little piece of it. You were/are open to and interested in them. Thank you so much! We cannot express how thankful we are for this. We didn’t post anything on 25 December 2019, our 5th anniversary. You may wonder, why…on the one hand, we were on holiday, and, on the other hand, we wished to cherish the moment. To take a look back on the 5 years behind us, and to talk over our plans for the next year. We said farewell to 2019 and the past 5 years worthily. We are over a number of difficulties, but it’s wonderful to see that a brand can be built in such a way, too. Delka bag is the most wonderful thing, along with all the amateur mistakes that came with it. Many of our customers grew up with us, and accompanied each of our projects. We hope to have you with us in the future as well, and also hope that many will follow us, become interested in and demand this practice. We wish to see more and more people demanding not solely a designer’s bag, but a RECYCLED super unique one. Let’s make this post truly personal, and one that’s fully about us. Therefore, we share a photo of our wedding from September where you can see our bridesmaids with bags from our new Adel Egedi brand, and of course, of Adel with her cute belly. Because we are sure that some of you got shocked when reading that part of the post! 😊 There is one thing we cannot promise you for 2020… That no diaper bags or other baby stuff will be made after our baby boy is born! :DDD But there is one thing we can promise you for sure: OUR WINTER SALE WILL START TOMORROW, SO YOU WILL BE SPAMMED WITH BAG POSTS EACH DAY FOR A WHOLE MONTH! 😊

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