Here come our campaign photos for this year!

We were eager to show you them, too. We wanted to give you some insight on what makes our bags recycled and how we prepare them. This is something we talked (and actually still talk) much about, and try to emphasise it when presenting each bag from our collection, but this time we thought you could also get closer to this project with a campaign photo. That’s why we took the shooting to the wholesaler where we purchase all the remaining materials of a size 0.5–1 meter to create our special bags for you. We have been making different bags for a year now…Isn’t it wonderful? Isn’t it wonderful to have a bag of unique material composition that you won’t ever see coming in front you in the street? Of course, the bags in the campaign photo were also prepared as single pieces…One could ask: why were then the campaign photos taken, if such bags will never be made again? This is exactly why: to make you a part of this whole thing, and to make you better understand the very essence of our work. At least, we hope so. We truly love this project, and NO! No collections will be marketed. We carry on with this, and try to contribute to recycling/conscious shopping. We hope that you’ll follow us on our journey! Thank you for enabling us to create freely! We are grateful for every bag purchased!
The bags in the picture can be bought in the LOLLIPOP FACTORY BUDAPEST!
Address: H-1053 Budapest, MAGYAR U. 18.

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