Few thoughts from me to you :)

At the beginning of this year I have made a decision not to rush into creating the new collection.

I tell you why.

I spent the weekend in our recently opened shop, La’jos.

I was looking at your orders and was thinking about the new collection; where do I stand now, what do I need, and I realized, I have nothing prepared, although we should do the campaign pics in 4 weeks.

Meanwhile I started to go through the old materials I store in 3 boxes and admired all the 30cm or 1 meter long materials I collected in four years.

These beauties can have three fates:

  1. I keep them and collect them until it burst out of the closet
  2. Little by little, I get rid of them
  3. Or make really unique pieces from them

Let’s say, a capsule collection. All these suggest: how do I represent them on the webshop? Do I need campaign shoot if I will have maximum of 2 pieces from one style?

Meanwhile I was in nostalgia, I wanted to feel again what I have felt at the beginning of everything.
I remember the first collection from four years ago. When we went to the wholesaler and faced the prices and the fact that from 1 meter of material we can’t make the number of bags what we have planned. So we bought half-half meters of materials from our small budget, little did we know that there isn’t more on the shelves from them. We produced the bags, took the pictures, put them on our semi-finished webshop, and felt very excited. Then we received all the letters and orders. We’ve never felt so happy. The first sold pieces!

After taking the orders, I went back to the wholesaler to realize the materials I need are sold out and will not be back unless we order 20 meters from them. 20 meters… I was laughing inside because I hardly had the money for 1 meter, not 20…

I went home feeling very sad and I was thinking, this is when I have to re-start everything from the beginning, though I worked really hard to create the first pieces. There was no other choice, but to do it so and combine more and more materials and plan the next ones.

Although this time we didn’t really have any conception, or perfect plans- maybe this made you love our brand this much. I created from my heart, and I was full of inspiration. Maybe this is what I lost a little bit along the way, and I feel the need to recharge.

So to summarize everything, the point is that this year, we will use leftover materials from older collections, and the “never-used” ones, which I always kept for myself thinking I will make a unique bag for myself (of course never happened).

So this time, just a few pieces.

Completely unique ones.

The ones you will never see on someone else on the streets.

Because it’s good to create.

Because you can make magic from old materials too.

Because it’s good to be environmentally conscious.

Because you don’t always have to do everything the same way you did before.

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