Energy and determination: The new capsule collection of Delka has arrived, you can say bye to gray everydays

A well-chosen color will make you stand out of the crowd. Delka bag’s first capsule collection this year focuses on that.

In the colder months, especially when winter comes – just like the weather- most people get gray. During this period lot of them prefers dark colors, blahck, gray, burgundy or beige, you can hardly see a yellow or a vivid red spot in the distance.

Delka bag followed the line of this thought for the first collection of the year. The extreme colorful vegan products received wooden engraved logo, while the brand’s trademarks, the simple form, clarity, practical solutions and comfortability remained the same.

“We would like to highlight the energy of colors, that’s why we’ve worked with shades such as blue, or the always positive and energetic cherry red. Let’s think about New Year’s Eve or even a good party, when everyone is in the mood for choosing more presumptuous clothes than normally. So why wouldn’t we be braver during winter weekdays? Having some colorful accessories to a basic wardrobe can give you an extra boost. The overall effect will be completely different. What is more, colorful items give you confidence and a creative look.” – commented Adel, the founder of Delka bag.

They also have a wide range of bags in their style: various backpacks, tote bags, clutches and shoulder bags are available to help everyone find the perfect product. And with the beginning of the year, the brand has a little surprise: the items in the capsule collection can now be purchased at a discount of 20-50 percent.

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