New routes for Delka

Delka targeted international market after the brand’s second birthday. It is not a small task, but doesn’t seem to be a barrier for the brand. They have successfully debuted on British Vogue. In addition to the article, the English version of the webshop was updated, to open new doors to international cooperation. “ It all began when we shoot our campaign series with Andras Vizi. I sent the pictures to Vogue and was waiting. About two month later I received a request. When I saw who the sender was I was a bit suspicious, because it felt so unreal. But when it turned out that we have an opportunity to appear in one of the most prestigious fashion magazine I couldn’t hold myself. I was proud and delighted and already started planning future projects.” The products, especially the leather collection has a great impact over there, the editors like the ideas and shapes. This can be the beginning of other cooperation and collaboration. After the great new, here is the article:

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