Nowadays people search for bags which can be easily adjusted to everyday looks, are comfortable, practical and last but not least long lasting, as mobility and reliability is the key for today’s modern consumer society. All the products are handmade in Hungary, which supports the designer market’s competitiveness, variety and dynamism. You can experience all of this at La’jos Concept Store.

The brand Delka bag was founded in 2015 by Adel Egedi stylist and fashion designer, who received the biggest support now with the opening of La’jos.

This new place is a real creative workshop, so –spoiler! – they are preparing with a lot of exciting surprises, you will be informed about the details continuously. But the question might pop up in your head – why did they choose a man name for their store?

After trying to create something fancy and popular English name, they decided to go with the name of the designers: Levi, Adél, Adri and Judit. They choose to formation LAJA, and from this came the idea LAJOS, which was love for all of them from the first sight. They put a little playfulness in it and LA’JOS was born.

“ La’jos is a dream come true.’ –says Adel. “Opening our own designer store which truly reflects the brand’s spirit was planned for a long time now. We had many questions about it from the costumers, especially at the times of the pop up stores held in our home, so we decided that it is time to start a new chapter and open something not only for us, but for You, where you can look around and spend time in an inspirational environment.”

Beside Delka bag, you meet the product of other amazing designers such as @csipkelengye (home furnishing and accessories), @larbredesign and (jewellery) and @McMillanStudio (clothes). If you are interested come and visit us! We will be waiting you with coffee and cakes!

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